Getting Here

Step 1: Buy a Ticket or Campsite

  • In order to access the park, you will need to purchase a ticket or campsite.
  • Buy one before you leave home. We do limit our numbers and frequently sell out.

Step 2: Check Your Email or Phone

  • If you purchased a ticket, then you will quickly receive a confirmation email with additional details on how to get to the park and a day access gate code. If you do not see the email, check your junk mail.
  • If you purchase a campsite, you will be texted a camping confirmation with 24/7 gate code and site assignment. There are no campsites sold after 3pm on the day of booking.

Step 3: Driving to the Park

We are located at 2376 Legacy Park Way, Lakeside, MT 59922.

The entrance to LBP is 2 miles south of Lakeside, Montana (and the first right after mile marker 96 going south). 

Click here for a pin marking the turn off the highway to LBP.

Step 4: Getting Through the Gate

  • If you have not purchased a ticket or campsite, you will need to in order to receive a gate code. No code will be sent to campers booking after 3pm on the day of booking.
  • Enter the gate code given in your reservation, remembering to press # before the number sequence.

Step 5: Dirt Road to the Park

  • It is 3 miles up a mildly rough dirt road to get to the parking lot. When you near the park, follow signs for Tickets, Parking, and Camping. A kiosk is located near the parking lot that is staffed for check-in during operation hours and has an informational area for afterhours camper check-in.



WHY'D WE DO THAT? Great question - we wanted to provide people with the flexibility to select their site, get a gate code, and complete everything with reduced human contact (this is important in a place with poor cel coverage). It's easier to select a site, get camping information and arrive stress-free. Please do contact a staff person on-site if you're still uneasy about where you're at. We'll try to make it right.

We'll also have a link to the campsite booking page on your reciept once you purchase tickets.