ALL THINGS LIFT-OFF (dates 9/23-9/24) HERE: Camping, tickets, shuttle passes, Competition entry, spectator tickets.  Registration closes on Sept 20 or until sold out.



The LEGACY Lift-Off will be kicking off its inaugural year in 2022 - set for Sept 23 and Sept 24 (Sunday Sept 25 tickets are "normal" tickets). It's a weekend of competition, fun, music, food and good times with an incredible bike community. There are a few ways to come out and celebrate. Here's the abbreviated version of the tickets (much more info below):

1) Competitor ticket. Yeah - come out, have a blast. Win some cash, a new hub set! Get a limited edition Lift-Off shirt! This ticket is ALL inclusive including a shuttle pass for Friday, A competition entry for Saturday (one of your choice) and camping for you and a friend/family member for both Friday and Saturday night. $120-150   LOCALS TICKET: Local riders have asked for a special 1 day competition ticket at a reduced rate. This ticket will only allow Saturday entry, and it does not include any camping. $75 

2) An AMP ticket: Ride the Park - Non-Competitor. This ticket provides a shuttle pass for Friday and spectator entry for Saturday. This is not a competition ticket nor does it include camping $55. The other ticket is a rider (shuttle pass) ticket for Saturday during the competition. This is NOT A COMPETITOR TICKET. But, you can watch, enjoy and support the athletes after getting a few laps of your own in! $50

3) A Spectator ticket. This ticket gets you into the Park for the Lift-Off on Friday and Saturday as a non-rider (no camping or shuttle passes included). It's gonna be an action packed day with biking, music, airbags, food and beverage! $22. 

ALL THINGS LIFT-OFF (dates 9/23-9/24) HERE: Camping, tickets, shuttle passes, Competition entry, spectator tickets.  Registration closes on Sept 20 or until sold out.


The goal of the Lift-Off is to showcase some of the regions best jump and trick riders in this inaugural slopestyle competition. 

The Lift-Off event is scheduled to be televised live on Montana ABC/Fox. We will have two separate stations - U14 (at Drift Missile Jumps) and Open Mens and Womens.

UPDATE: There will be womens-specific award trophies and goodies!!!


1) Open Men's (register in either "OPEN" or "Pro" category)

2) Open Women's (register in either "OPEN" or "Pro" category)

3) 13 and under (also known as U14)

Riders will compete on the Jammer Lane portion of Onyx at LEGACY Bike Park (U14 will use a different course). There are a total of 5 features that will be judged: jumps 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 on Jammer Lane.

Riders will be allowed up to three runs on the course (time allowing). Top 7-10 will compete in one final run for the $1500 first place cash award!

There will be a prize purse dependent of registration with a minimum of $3000 of prizes over these 3 rider classes. 

In addition we will have a number of other fun events, numerous DJs pumping out tunes, on-site camping and more. 

Registration link here.  Registration closes on Sept 20 or until sold out.

Each competitor ticket includes the following:

1. Shuttle tickets for Friday and Saturday. 

2. Entry in to the competition

3. A camp area (may be a share site) for the rider and 1 guest. 

In addition to competitor tickets, there are Amp tickets available to friends and family who want to ride the Park on Friday. The Amp ticket comes with a shuttle pass for Friday. Camping must be purchased separately.  Non-rider (spectator) tickets are available to those who simply want to come and enjoy the event. Ticket/Registration link here for athletes, camping, and/or Amp tickets.

Thursday riding will be open to sponsors of the event. The Park will be closed to all others. Sponsorship information is here - Please consider sponsoring our event to help build the stoke. Each sponsorship level has entry tickets included and potential live TV coverage. 



COMPETITION LEVEL Sponsors include:



Park Builder Sponsors Include: