Refund Policy


Please be aware that closure and unexpected delays can occur due to unforeseen circumstances and unpredictable weather. Vouchers for a return visit will be offered under the following circumstances:

- Bike passes may be reissued for another date if LBP is notified 24 hours prior to arrival. (email link forthcoming).  No cash refunds.  Bike Park refund vouchers do not expire. 
- Weather such as wind or heavy rain cause closure of the park for more than half the rideable day
- Mechanical errors render the park in operable
- Any other park issued closure including road closures and emergency shut downs that render the park inoperable for more than half the rideable day.

Please keep in mind that Montana weather is often unpredictable and that closures occur for the safety of our guests and employees.

Camping - due to limited camping space we require a 72 day hour for cancellations. You will be issued a credit good for the remainder of the year.
Non-weather related cancellations will only be honored under very unusual circumstances. If we are notified by email at least 72 hours before your shuttle ticket reservation, then we will issue a credit for one more order valid through the end of the riding season (November 1st is the default expiration, although we fully expect to be closed by that date).