Where it all began

After years of wanderlust mountain biking trips to B.C., an inspired Marty approached his Mindful Designs partners with an idea every bit ludicrous as it was awesome: a downhill bike park  -- right here in our own Flathead County backyard -- modeled after some of the smoothest, most inspiring terrain appealing to the full spectrum of riders abilities. 

After decades of chasing each other down mountains, rivers and trails, this idea, to the partners, seemed like a drop-in worth taking.  A couple of years later, the idea developed roots when the boys found a piece of land that checked all of the boxes: cool north facing slopes on perfect grade with substantial depths of sweet, sweet loam staring down onto the glory of the spectacular Flathead Valley. From there, things really fell into place when the Costain Family brought decades of world class bike trail building experience to the table.  Unchained, the Terraflow team began to develop the rustic evergreen basin with meticulously carved miles of trail worthy of their creative potential.   

Views from Legacy Bike Park in Lakeside, looking towards Flathead Lake

From new riders to seasoned pros, Legacy Bike Park offers shuttle lap downhill bike trails designed to maximize both enjoyment and progression.  While technical and enduro sections can be found, the soul of the place is grounded in flow.  With a growing network of downhill trails and plenty more land set aside for basecamp, pump track, camp sites, and more ideas yet to come – a legendary Montana bike park is at its infancy. This summer we will offer ticket sales and camp site reservations to the public in time for opening day - July 15th....

Legacy 2021….just the beginning…..