How do I get to Legacy? We're a backcountry private Bike Park accessed by US Highway 93. We are about 1 mile south of the town of Lakeside, Montana. A gate code is required to access the Park which will be sent with the purchase of your shuttle pass. The physical address is 2376 Legacy Park Way, Lakeside, MT 59922. Here is a link to the turn-off for ease of navigation. 

Do I need a ticket?  Yes, entry into the park requires a ticket. Tickets must be purchased before arrival to receive a gate code. We do sell out, so buy ahead of time. Please sign our waiver before you arrive at the Park to save time: SMARTWAIVER.

How does the park work?  Guests will ride up the mountain in a Flatbed shuttle, with benches and a sunshade, while their bikes ride behind them on one of our Huck Wagon bike carriers. Each shuttle takes 20 guests at a time to the top of the park where guests can select from a variety of trails.

How difficult are the trails?  We suggest our park to anyone over 7 years of age, with any kind of previous off road biking experience. Guests should feel comfortable standing on their bike as they descend and be able to control their speed down moderate terrain.

Is it safe for me to ride?  This is a downhill mountain bike park with some inherent risk. You are responsible for making smart choices.

We institute many safety precautions so our guests can experience a great time. First of all, staff are available to talk about trails, difficulty and give recommendations. Secondly, we highly recommend the pre-ride, re-ride, free-ride mantra that means a rider should slowly inspect a run before they send it. Thirdly, many of our staff are trained as Wilderness First Responders, allowing them to help assess the seriousness of injuries and call for help.

Is there cell service? Cell service is extremely spotty and unreliable. You will need to make sure you have everything ready prior to arriving. It is unlikely to receive an immediate response if you have a last-minute change of plans.

Do you rent bikes?  No, the park has no bike or gear rentals. You should be prepared to bring and transport your own bike. Here is a suggestion for rentals in the area:

Do we allow E-Bikes?  Yes, we do allow e-bikes now. You can choose to purchase an uphill ticket and pedal your bike up the uphill trail, or some people will also just ride the shuttle and pay for a full shuttle pass. 

Do we allow Fat Tire Bikes?  Fat tire bikes over 3.0 will not fit on out racks and are not allowed on shuttle days. Fat tire bikes are welcome to come and pedal on our Pedal and Airbag Thursdays.

Refunds? Cancellations? Sometimes life happens. 

  • Refunds for camping or events will be given, minus a 25% transaction fee if the request is given the THURSDAY BEFORE the start of riding or camping date. Day passes will be given a code to book another day within 365 days if  the request is given the THURSDAY BEFORE the start of riding. We are a backcountry park with limited service, so we are slower in responding to cancellations when busy and we rely on people booking in advance. Requests for refunds with exceptional circumstances can be made by emailing booking@legacybikepark.com. Requests outside of that time frame are subject to a refund on a case-by-case basis.
  • Cancellations are rare at the park. We will not close for rain or small amounts of snow. In the event that we feel conditions are unsafe for our employees or guests, we will issue an email and text warning, and post a sign at the gate. Cancellations made by the park result in a full refund to guests. 
  • Excessive Delay Delays in backcountry operations happen. These include: Medical and Trauma Emergencies, mechanical malfunction, natural hinderances and the unknowable. In times where these events cause a delay of complete operations for more than 2 hours of the full operation day, then a voucher will be issued to all riders for another day.

What Should I bring?

  • Water - Our park has no water.
  • Food - There is no food for sale on property.
  • Bike - Bike, tools, tubes and parts. There are no replacements on the property.
  • Helmet - A helmet is required to ride the park. We suggest a full face, but any well-fitting helmet that covers the back of the head is acceptable,
  • Other Protective Gear- We suggest the addition of knee pads when riding in the park and also encourage chest protectors and elbow pads.

Do we allow Dogs? Yes, dogs are welcome in our campsites and communal areas as long as they are leashed. Dogs are not allowed on our shuttle roads or bike trails.

Can I sign my waiver before entering? Yes, we strongly encourage you to. You can find the link for the waiver here --> Waiver to Ride

Do We Sell Merchandise? Yes, but only on premises. Items can be purchased during operational hours at the start and end of most days.

What's the story behind LEGACY?

After years of wanderlust mountain biking trips to B.C., an inspired Marty approached his Mindful Designs partners with an idea every bit ludicrous as it was awesome: a downhill bike park  -- right here in our own Flathead County backyard -- modeled after some of the smoothest, most inspiring terrain appealing to the full spectrum of riders abilities.

After decades of chasing each other down mountains, rivers and trails, this idea, to the partners, seemed like a drop-in worth taking.  A couple of years later, the idea developed roots when the boys found a piece of land that checked all of the boxes: cool north facing slopes on perfect grade with substantial depths of sweet, sweet loam staring down onto the glory of the spectacular Flathead Valley. From there, things really fell into place when the Costain Family brought decades of world class bike trail building experience to the table.  Unchained, the Terraflow team began to develop the rustic evergreen basin with meticulously carved miles of trail worthy of their creative potential.   
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