Since 2021, we've built over 20 miles of trail but under the vision, leadership and professionalism of Terraflow Trails.

Year upon year, the number of trails and ride-a-bility is steadily increasing. The following is a map of the park & list of completed trails as of spring 2023 more trails are being constructed and installed in 2024! 

Click here for a larger jpg map, or here for the Trailforks online map.


Ascender - Need to stretch your legs? This scenic climbing trail begins at the shuttle drop and climbs to the true rocky summit. Catch your breath and choose from Dirt Herder or Upper Borderline.

Connector - Just as it sounds, this mellow singletrack connects the shuttle drop to Radish, Drift Missile and Lower Borderline.

RADish - New to bike parks? Find your inner flow on this machine built roller coaster of a ride. Mellow berms and killer views reward all who ride the Radish. Leads to the mid mountain base area where cold drinks await, then continue on to the base area for another shuttle ride. (Formerly Bottoms Up, but now one single trail.)

Dirt Herder - This superhighway of machine built singletrack is fast, fun and flowy! Best views in the bike park and the longest trail. Accessed via Ascender.

Casper the Friendly - One step up from the green runs. Lots of very fun rollable table tops, hits and even a 270 degree super berm! Machine built with progression in mind. A Park favorite. 

Bluetiful - Want to work up to Onyx? Hop on this machine built flow and work your way up on the family friendly jumps and berms. This trail makes everybody smile - no mandatory jumps, but lots of options.

Upper Borderline - Technical singletrack in the truest sense, this hand built gem follows the property line down a rocky ridge to the intersection of Lower Borderline, Drift Missile and Radish. Accessed via Ascender.

Lower Borderline - Steep, fall-line hand built gnar. Rejoins Drift Missile at the bottom.

Drift Missile - Mossy, loamy handbuilt singletrack on top, this trail gradually morphs into machine built flow followed by fast, raw singletrack. Accessed via Connector or Upper Borderline.

Copycat - Rip this braided tech trail with a buddy! Connects Onyx to Radish.

Onyx - If you enjoyed Bluetiful, keep the show rolling on Onyx. This machine built trail keeps the airtime going with progressively larger jumps and G-out berms all the way down. The third section of Onyx hosts our famous double black jump line: Jammer Lane. Big hits with Lake views - what could be better! There is a bypass named Jammer Jr.  in the works just uphill of the main line. 

Forty - Legacy's flagship double black jump trail rewards full commitment. Lefts, Rights, Step Downs, Step Ups and massive Tables all the way down - leave your brakes alone and send it! Rolling inspection suggested.




WHY'D WE DO THAT? Great question - we wanted to provide people with the flexibility to select their site, get a gate code, and complete everything with reduced human contact (this is important in a place with poor cel coverage). It's easier to select a site, get camping information and arrive stress-free. Please do contact a staff person on-site if you're still uneasy about where you're at. We'll try to make it right.

We'll also have a link to the campsite booking page on your reciept once you purchase tickets.