What is the 2023 Legacy Bike Park Lift-Off, you ask?

Well, it's a couple of concepts in one: #1 A slopestyle/jump jam competition celebrating biking with some of the regions best bikers, and #2 an all-around good time in the woods with live music, a REALLY great raffle, and local food and ridiculously awesome people, and #3 a camping event so you can stay and enjoy an evening without driving.

Below are all registrations, tickets, camping and events around the Legacy Lift-Off event scheduled for Aug 18-19 (please see page 2 entries below as well). These tickets and passes are valid for Aug 18-19. Everyone is required to have a ticket to enter and we will be checking everyone in.  

A complete listing of information about the Lift-Off is here. 

These are the ticket types we have for the Lift-Off: FULL MONTY Competitor all access pass, Saturday ONLY Competitor, Non-Competitor Riders, Spectator.


There are two COMPETITOR ticket "types" - If you're choosing between the two - please consider the Fully Monty which helps us fund the event.

1) Full Monty - this is all access for the weekend, includes two campspots (1 campsite), riding on Sat and Friday included.


2) Saturday Only - this is only for entry into one of the 4 competitions on Saturday. No camping, no additional riding (shuttle laps) are included. This does count as a spectator ticket for Friday as well. No additional spectator ticket is needed for competitors.

You will need a campsite or campspot to stay on site overnight if you do not choose the Full Monty ticket. Each Full Monty Competitor registration includes camping for themselves and 1 other person (total of 2 campers). Please note: there is a small chance some groups may need to be combined due to space limitations.